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Brooklyn, New York

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Mezuzah Tzfat Crocodile Green

Add a Mezuzah Scroll +$95.00

Material: Brass, Crocodile Leather

Size: 120x35mm

Weight: 135g

Box: Adler Wood Box with Stainless Steel

Inside the exquisite branded alder box there is an important attribute of the Jewish religion – the case for the “Tzfat” Crocodile mezuzah which design combines old and completely new modern trends. An elite case from the design house of David Roytman Luxury Judaica will fill your home with holiness and will serve as a talisman, because there is a sacral scroll inside which according to tradition, contains excerpts from the Torah.

A case of noble crocodile leather is located on the door jamb. It’s a bright and stylish interior detail wil emphasize the high status of the house owners and will demonstrate their reverent attitude to their faith.

The product is made of natural crocodile leather. Slender rows of scales, thanks to modern technology of dyeing, have taken the desired color, while retaining their delicious texture. In the collection you will find elegant models of black and swamp colors. Of course, the most striking are the specimens with stylish metall spraying of emerald, bronze and gold colors. The center of each model is encrusted with a graceful letter “ Shin” , cast from brass and polished to a mirror shine. A laconic alder board attached to the case wall acts as a fastener.