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Hi! We're Joanie and Marcy and look no further than The Modern Mezuzah. The concept of chic Mezuzot began as an idea between us two sisters, passionate about an every day mitzvah beloved to us. Our Mezuzot are fresh, trendy, and sure to add just the right touch to any doorpost. We love working with interior designers and home renovation clients. We can even drop by your home to help you select the perfect Mezuzot for your next project! 

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Tzedakah Box Silver
Tzedakah Box Grey
Tzedakah Box Pink
Tzedakah Box Blue
Tzedakah Box Light Blue
Tzedakah Box Black
Tzedakah Box Blue
Tzedakah Box Pink
Home Blessing | Concrete
Stained glass invitation keepsake box
Birkat Habayit Transparent Acrylic Silver
Birkat Habayit White Acrylic Silver
Tubular Mezuzah Antique Brass
Tubular Mezuzah Shiny Brass
Tubular Mezuzah Nickel Matte
Tubular Mezuzah with Brass Black Finish

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